Palitos idol.

This wonderful, wonderful man.

Pompon Cakes. Thanks Kinfolk.



Last summer, if you remember this post, I started to sell popsicles here on the beach in Rio. It was a fun experiment and a success I think! So this summer I'm trying to rev it up and go a little more professional.

Here is the newly updated fb page & a newly installed instagram if you want to follow the Palitos adventure.

News flavours include 'avocado & lime' and 'strawberry banana yoghurt'. Tomorrow (weather permitting) will be the first day on the street and we are going to try hang on the side of an existing street market (food and vege one). Let's see how it goes.


Connection or disconnection.

Something I often think about wrapped up so nicely in this rap.. is that a rap?

Give people your love don't give them your like.


Innercity bees

Gotta help dem bees!


Recycled in the rain.

Oh, how I'd love to wear this jacket. Recycled fabric raincoats, yes please! Made by Mushama & Me and now being stocked at a new place in Auckland I cannot wait to visit upon my return, Sew Love Tea Do.

Made from recycled cotton fabrics such as sheets, curtains, or duvets, and coated with PVC, creating a unique and waterproof fabric.



So nice to see this ridiculousness so far from home. Thanks AirNZ.


Pans dead.

He's Peter Pan, all right, Captain. He's just been away from Neverland so long, his mind's been junk-tified. He's forgotten everything.

The world says goodbye to a goodie.

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